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Welcome to your Source for Communication in the Fresno, Clovis  and Central California Valley Community.  Here you can stand on your soapbox and speak your mind.  We are affiliated with the Central Valley's leading Entertainment Guide, Directory, Portal, whatever you want to call it, The Fresno and Central Valley Entertainment Website.

The pages in this site are simple.  They offer a ion of topics ranging from Restaurant and Nightlife to Live Music and Local Entertainment.  There is even a Shopping section where you can offer your two bits about all the fabulous places to shop in the Fresno / Clovis area.  Movies, yes we even have movie reviews and critiques.  Go to the forum and feel free to speak your mind.  So to make things simple, the Fresno-Clovis layout goes like this:

Page 1 - This will Link you to information about local bands and concerts in the Central Valley.  We provide links to the forum and discussion groups, as well as reviews and entertainment events coming your way.

Page 2 - This page will take you to information about the local movie theaters in Fresno and Clovis as well as some Hollywood based stuff.  Great for small talk.  Give your critiques and comments.  Also, there are some reviews that writers submit and the movie times are kept up to date.

Page 3 - Here you will find information about shopping in the valley.  What are the new stores in town and what are they selling.  We even have a bunch of local companies that sell their stuff online.  If you want to sell online, perhaps you can get listed here as well.

Page 4 - Sports!  Go Bulldogs!  Go FCC Rams!  Pro College, High School., Football, Basketball, Hockey, whatever floats your boat.  Check it out, we have some great writers submitting stuff and we welcome more.

Page 5 - Attractions, the Wine country, Events Calendar, Contests and a whole bunch of stuff is inside this section.  Check it out, you could win something.

Page 6 Contact - FREE Valley Job Board, FREE Classifieds, FREE User Forum, FREE Portal!  What more could you possibly ask for.  This is your website use it and abuse it.  You can have your voice here and with  The Valley's #1 Entertainment Guide.

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